Fast Money Idea: Blend Your Own Spices

Who cooks without spices?  Who doesn’t have a wide variety of spices?  I know my Italian friend loves to cook and he is always on the lookout for the next “to die for” spice blend.

It is often said, “Cooking is the way to a man’s heart,” and how right this is!  People from all over the world today are cooking different types of dishes, while experimenting with ingredients and spices.  It is no longer mandatory that American’s eat only American food, Indian’s only Indian food.  Today each country or region has their own distinct dishes that are now prepared all over the world.  The problem is there may be ingredients not available in the cook’s local stores or never heard of in foreign lands.  If you have a blend of spices you know tastes wonderful in particular ethnic dishes, why not consider marketing it as a business?

There has never been a steadfast rule in cooking; people mix and match spices to match their individual tastes.  Why not come out with some original custom spice blends that will tickle the taste buds of all those creative experimenting cooks out there? 

You could create some exciting new blend that would help make dishes easy, interesting, and tasty to eat.  This is something that can easily start out as a small business, with minimal investment in spices and bottles or packets to package them into.  You could create simple labels on your computer and distribute your spices to small shops and stores selling foodstuffs.  Create business cards signifying your specialty of blending spices needed by cooks everywhere to enhance their cooking.

It would also be an excellent idea to create a website introducing all your products with an email address for customers to place an order.  You should also create a simple order form they can fill out on-line or print to either fax or mail-in with their order.  You could also include blend descriptions with recipes and suggestions for use to assist new and experienced cooks on how to use your spices.  Remember, to include a small introduction about yourself on your web site, include how and why you became involved in blending spices, customers will feel more confident in buying your spices.

As your business grows, make it a point to maintain the quality and flavor of your spices.  Spices tend to loose their flavor over the passage of time.  In this type of business freshness really counts to build your reputation for repeat and word-of-mouth referral business.


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  1. Review by Jeanette Cates

    The value is excellent. This idea is somethig ANYONE can do. And you can do it quickly, putting money into your pocket literally overnight. As with everything, it depends on your marketing.

    If nothing else this would provide a great custom Christmas gift – at little cost to you.

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